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Aragorn didn't prefer flying, but if he had to, then he'd go.  It was a lot faster, but fortunately the calls for haste weren't very frequent.  He was waiting to go home, it wasn't happening soon enough, and he'd been sitting in the airport for awhile--his flight into Gondor had been delayed another hour.  At least he had brought a book to read, and he sat on one leg with the other one drawn up and his arm around it loosely, with his shoes on the ground, waiting at the gait and half listening to the other people around him.

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It was by a strange twist of fate that Legolas happened to be travelling through the same airport on the same day. Like Aragorn, he didn't have a great fondness for airports, but as the son of a leader, long-distance travel was sometimes required. The layover left him feeling restless, so he took to pacing the airport, exploring the various shops, restaurants, and even meandering near other gates to kill the time. It was because of that (and the happy chance of their travelling on the same day) that Legolas spied a familiar form. His gait slowed and there was a marked hesitance as he drew nearer. It might not be who Legolas thought, though... his keen eyesight was rarely wrong.


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Aragorn certainly hadn't been expecting to see anyone he knew, the Rangers rarely flew on planes and neither did the Elves. That didn't mean that he wasn't paying attention or watching the others, he was always alert. When he heard the voice, he wasn't sure if it was who he thought it was until he looked up, and the figure of the Elf was impossible to miss. He set his book down, getting to his feet and creased his brow before he started to grin.

"Legolas. What are you doing here, you're not flying too, are you?" he asked, stepping closer.

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There was certainly a grace to the Elves that was near impossible to hide. it always made them stand out in a crowd and gave them that sort of ethereal quality of which many spoke. Legolas was no different. Even to a skilled Ranger like Aragorn, the light steps with which Legolas drew closer would be almost silent. For a moment he simply stared at the man, not in disbelief but more in unmasked scrutiny. His eyes narrowed slightly and he leaned forward, closer.

"You look older."

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He rolled his eyes, but the grin still remained. "I still age, Elf, I'm only human," he replied. But it had been that many years, hadn't it? Legolas looked different--not older, just different--but at the same time still the same. He tried not to remember those feelings from years ago; he felt hints of them anyway.

"You look well." He wanted to pull his friend into an embrace, but for the time being, he placed his hand on Legolas's shoulder and squeezed gently.

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Legolas returned the gesture, clapping a hand to Aragorn's shoulder. A soft smile came to his face. Yes, his friend looked different to his eyes, but Aragorn looked well. It left Legolas feeling a bit nostalgic, though he gave no indication of that.

"It's been some line time, my friend. How have you been and what is it that brings you here?"

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"I've been well," he said, still smiling a little. "I'm just headed home. Where are you going, Legolas, how have you been too?"

Legolas didn't look physically different, not so much as Aragorn did, but time still changed things even if it wasn't age. But either way... he'd been thinking about his friend recently, and that they happened on each other here left him with more memories surfacing.

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It wasn't like Legolas to think much on the past, not fondly anyway. To him the past was a simple sum of events that led to the present. It was memories to keep, but not let them dictate action in the present. Clearly it was affecting him in the presence of his old friend. His hand lingered just a few seconds longer than necessary on Aragorn's shoulder before it finally fell back to his side.

"I am travelling on my father's behalf to represent his interests once more."


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