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Name:Aragorn Telcontar
Birthdate:Mar 1
Location:Minas Tirith, Gondor
In the vein of Kings, imagine that the realms of Middle-Earth exist along side Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Imagine a failed monarchy from hundreds of years ago and a country still searching for its king, but the people losing hope and turning to the line of Stewards who have been heading the government faithfully in the king's absence. A dark power of a neighboring land looming in a cold war that has lasted longer than anyone alive could remember. An alliance with the rural, poorer country to the north, where many people still depend on animal transportation to inhabit the rugged places, and a great history of honor, duty and loyalty. The names of these people survive on history and culture, and that is why they seem foreign to our lips.

And what of him? Him. He owns a ranch, to the north, occasionally comes into town to trade horses, but who needs a horse when there are cars to drive around a stone city. Some people still live in the past. But these cars have not made the extinction of the horse, merely lightened the load of the animal, giving them over to recreation and for those who appreciate their beauty. Like him. He appreciates the beauty in all living things. Some say he can talk to the forest. Some say the forest talks back. Sometimes, he rides out into the woods alone and lives out there, just with his horse, remembering days of a collective memory, when his line was of Kings.

The people that know him, the horse traders and owners, say that his name is Thorongil. Others say that he goes by many names.

Mun is available through PM, open for verses and play.

(All is owned by the great Professor Tolkien, except for Viggo who owns himself. I'm just playing in the sandbox for fun, no profit is being made here.)
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