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Aragorn didn't prefer flying, but if he had to, then he'd go.  It was a lot faster, but fortunately the calls for haste weren't very frequent.  He was waiting to go home, it wasn't happening soon enough, and he'd been sitting in the airport for awhile--his flight into Gondor had been delayed another hour.  At least he had brought a book to read, and he sat on one leg with the other one drawn up and his arm around it loosely, with his shoes on the ground, waiting at the gait and half listening to the other people around him.
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The I'D HIT IT Meme
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I'll make an SWS post about it later, but I made the community [ profile] common_age  for us to take over.  We can all join and talk to each other there, recruit new people and see who all is playing in the verse.  There have been a lot of people jumping in, so I thought it would be a good idea for there to be a place for us to just gather.

Here's a few things about the comm:
Open membership
No overall plot--verses within the AU are encouraged, including multiple verses for multiple things
More than one version of a character is completely cool

Feel free to ask me any questions, all the links should be in tact and all that stuff.  I'll be updating it more when I'm not super tired or at work.


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